Choose Your Solution

Through a variety of employment and placement contracts, we can help you meet your talent needs in the way that makes the most sense for your company.

Temporary/Contract Placement:
Temporary contract staff can provide help and project support for short and long-term staffing needs. Flexible staff can lead the charge and deliver on a critical deadline or back fill that essential senior position. Both will hit the ground running and add to your staff from day one. All candidates are screened and assessed on a variety of computer programs and related skills. Candidates then meet with a Staffing Specialist to thoroughly discuss their current and future employment goals and objectives.

Temporary/Contract-to-Hire Placement:
In our no-risk, Temporary/Contract-to-Hire program, a candidate may be hired first as a temporary or contract employee giving your company the opportunity to experience the individual's attitude, performance and overall capabilities. This allows each party to learn first-hand the work style, culture, performance and overall fit before committing to a long-term, more permanent relationship.

Permanent/Direct-Hire Placement:
As a staffing company and employer, we understand the challenges companies face as you seek to identify and hire the right individuals. We work on a contingency basis; therefore, you pay only if you hire an individual that we have recruited for you. We offer a unique guarantee and a competitive fee schedule.

Skills Evaluation:
Have you ever found out that you hired or promoted the wrong person? There are no guarantees, but there are tools and services available to help you narrow the margin of error. With our free Skills Evaluation, you can accurately determine the skills of any candidate. Our comprehensive testing/assessment programs will provide you with information to confidently and objectively make your hiring decisions.

Training Services:
If your top candidate is lacking in a specific software package, Staffing Partners' Training Center can help increase their skill level and/or cross-train to new software packages or upgrades.

No Charge Value Added Training Opportunities:
Computerized and Validated Skills Testing
Customized Testing & Training
Most Requested & Recent Software Upgrades
Typing, Data Entry and 10-Key Testing Available